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Top 10 things I miss about Jordan

It’s officially 2-months that we’ve been stateside now – hard to believe!  It’s good to be home and we’ve had such a good time reconnecting with people and places we missed so much while we were in Jordan.  Of course “home” is a concept forever changed for our family now.  Every few days our 3-year old says, “We stay here a littul while and then we go back to Jowdin?  Right?” 

My daughter’s desire to go back “home” to Jordan inspired me to post what I miss most about our adopted home:

10.  Dry heat – I was never a believer in dry heat being better than wet.  Until I came back to the humidity of America!  Dry heat is better.
9.  Chaotic merging – I’ve grown accustomed to people cutting me off and me being able to cut others off in traffic with impunity.  Not acceptable driving behavior here in America – how odd!
8.  Fireworks every weekend – One thing has to be said, Jordanians know how to celebrate!
7.  Arghile and Arabic Coffee – I don’t think this needs much explanation.
6.  35 cent Mint Tea – And super-hot paper-thin drink cups without legal warnings scrawled across them.
5.  Fresh baked Xubz (pita) – Mmmmmmm.  We had some pita the other day and our kids wrinkled their noses and said, “This isn’t good!”
4.  My Barber – I need a good 2 dinar haircut and shave with an hour or so of Arabic conversation.  I asked for a shave this summer and the guy had no idea what to do – he almost took my whole beard off!
3. A constant sense of History – Everywhere you turn in Jordan there is something that connects you to the ancient past, not just 100 years ago, but 500 or 1500 years ago too!  My son keeps asking if we’re going to ever find any ruins here.  Not like in Jordan, that’s for sure!
2.  Speaking in Arabic everyday – I didn’t think I would say this, but I really miss speaking in our new language.  The few times I used it this summer have felt so good.
1. Our Friends!  No matter where we travel, it’s the people that really make the place.  We dearly miss our firends in Jordan – both locals and ex-pats!


2 Responses

  1. I like your post! It has been so nice having you stateside! I’m sure you’ll enjoy getting settled back down when you get back to Jordan!

  2. All the 10 things are still here, welcome back!

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