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Thinking about retiring “pilgrim without a shrine”

Did I get your attention with that one? =)

When I say retiring, I just mean temporarily. Or perhaps reallocating.

For those who have been reading since the very beginning (those very, very few of you who I can count on one hand) know that since moving to Jordan the blog has gone in a bit of a different direction. I reflect more here now on my life and experiences crossing cultures as a foreigner living in Jordan. I’ve been thinking lately that the whole “pilgrim without a shrine” moniker no longer fits what I usually write about, and could be confusing to some who stumble upon this very humble piece or e-real estate. (Think for instance about the restaurant review for the Bakehouse which draws a lot of hits). I’m not thinking about stopping blogging, but perhaps temporarily retiring this blog and starting another with a more Jordan-oriented title and perhaps more narrowly focused content. I do want to hold onto the “pilgrim without a shrine” title for future use. I love the name of this blog and have some ideas on developing it more strategically, perhaps when i enter a different chapter of my life.

So, what do you think?

Any suggestions on blog names?

What content have you enjoyed seeing here and would like to continue to see? Is there anything that I haven’t been writing about that you would like to hear more on?

Please leave a comment and let me know what you think.


7 Responses

  1. I do not read it as often as I should, but I love it when I do, and it is linked on my blog. I myself started a reflective blog tonight. I will probably post a note about it on my family photo blog. I imagine more people than you think may get more than you think out of your words. I have told folks to read what you write, as I find it very good. I entitled my blog Servant’s Heart.

  2. Thanks for these comments so far. Rebecca – well, I;ve tried to get V. up and running in the blogoshpere with her own blog (which will probably be wildly more popular than mine) but she’s a reluctant adopter of the format. She needs a little extra outside encouragement I think from people like you. Perhaps a guest spot on my blog from time-to-time would be a good way to get her to start.
    David & Jeff – personal cross-cultural reflections are definitely here to stay. My big sticking point right now is what to call the thing. I can’t even say that I have any good ideas.

    • Brian,

      I’ve only started reading your blog about a month ago. I love the experiences and cross-cultural stuff! If even been reading your old posts. If you move or rename it, make sure you let us know. Hope you got good stuff in your tard.

      Leanne Holt

      • Thanks for reading Leanne! I will certainly keep people posted (ooo – bad pun) if and when I make the changes. I would expect Fall to be a logical time to roll out something new/different. The big sticking point for me is the name. The big concepts that it needs to include is something about exploring, journeying, culture, the Middle East (Jordan right now, but who knows about the future), etc. I’m open to any brainstomrs people might have.

  3. As long as you continue reflecting on your experiences (as David said) and sharing from your cross cultural experiences, retooling the blog is a good idea. I really appreciate the stories as well as the insights.

  4. I can understand why you are thinking about a different blog. What I would hope you would hang onto is your personal reflection of what you are experiencing. There will be plenty of us who may not get to visit Jordan, but would would benefit from hearing about how are responding to your experiences, whatever they may be.

  5. I love reading the stories of your adventures! I think I would like to hear more reflections of the rest of your family as well. What is it like being a mom/cook/cleaner/etc. for Vic? What do the kids do/play that’s different vs. US. Okay, I guess I want a Jordan version on my blog…

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