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Happy 2nd Birthday!

It’s hard to believe, but my foray into blogging started 2 years ago this February.  I don’t expect anyone else to care, but I’ve compiled a few stats.

In 2007 the blog averaged 45 hits per month.

In 2008 the blog averaged 700 hits per month.

The most hits were in April 2008 – 1,726

Here are the top 10 postsof this past year:

Orange flower and Byzantine Column

Orange flower and Byzantine Column

#10 – 129 Hits – Random Pics from Amman (April 20, 2008): Just what it says a gallery of 20 or so pics from my set-up trip to Amman last spring.

#9 – 130  Hits – Surge Protector Anyone? (August 19,2008): A life-in-Jordan post about my troubles finding a surge protector (They don’t really exist here.)

#8 – 134 Hits – Recent Thoughts on Osama bin Laden and Marthin Luther King Jr. (April 5, 2008): A look at two people say they were fighting for the oppressed.  One by violent means, another by waging peace.  Posted in remembrance of MLK on the occasion of the 40th anniversary of his assassination/martyrdom.

#7 – 141 Hits – Pics around the Eiffel Tower (April 25, 2008): Just what it says – a gallery post with 16 random pics from my daytrip in Paris last spring.

#6 – 179 Hits – A Priest, A Muslim, and a Rabbi Walk Into the Room (March 21, 2008): I’m glad this post made the top 10.  This was my Good Friday reflection from last spring.  It’s a peice of speculative fiction involving a Westerner, a Jew, A Palestinian, and Jesus.  This may be my all-time favorite post.  If you haven’t read it, please do and leave a comment.  I’d like to write more posts like this, but don’t seem to have the time right now.

#5 – 208 Hits –  Barack Obama at the Western Wall (July 31, 2008): Just a couple of thoughts on Barack Obama’s visit to the Western Wall last summer.  The prayer he stuffed into the wall was stolen and printed in the media.  This post seemed to get a lot of “outside” hits and had the distinction of having more readers later than earlier as hits continued to climb as Obama’s presidential bid became more certain.

img_1861#4 – 218 Hits – Notre Dame du Paris Pics (April 25, 2008):  Just what it says, a gallery of around 20 pics taken in the vicinity of Notre Dame du Paris from my daytrip last spring.  Also included a video with the famous bells ringing.

#3 – 230 Hits –The Citadel (Jebel al qala’a) in Amman on Friday (April 18, 2008):  My thoughts when looking out over Amman from the Citadel back in April.  Includes a small gallery of pics.  I think I get a lot of hits from people looking for tourist info on Jebel al Qala’aHope there not overly dissapointed by the more pilgrim-esque tone of this post.

#2 – 242 Hits – Prayers for Justice and Peace (Ongoing): This is not a post per se, but a page that get’s occasionally updated.  I had bigger hopes for this page to be a place where people would post prayers for justice and peace.  It’s not organized well and never flew.  I have posted a smattering of things here.  The really interesting thing is that this page has the #2 spot and that search terms related to the idea of “prayers for justice and peace” are the #1 drivers of hits to the blog.  I hope I can develop this area a little more this year.  Any ideas?

The Bakehouse Slam - Eggs, homefries, sausage, toast, and coffee.

The Bakehouse Slam - Eggs, homefries, sausage, toast, and coffee.

#1 – 249 Hits – The Bake House – Jabal Amman  Restaurant review (October 15, 2008): One of two posts from this fall to make the top 10 and it is the winner of the most hits!  Just a basic restaurant review of a good western-style breakfast place here in Amman.  Specific information on restaurants is hard to come by online, so I think this is why it has been most popular.

I was interested to see that the most viewed posts came from April of last year, which was when I left the states for a 2-week set-up trip to the Middle East.  I was posting every couple of days and was putting up a lot of pictures.  April 2008 also happened to be the month last year with the most hits (almost 1800!)   When you begin to lump posts into categories rather than individual posts it seems that the following are most popular:  1) Posts with big picture galleries, 2) Travelogue type entries (including the restaurant review), 3) posts about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.  It’s interesting that no one post from the 3rd category made it into the top ten – it’s just that I write a lot about that situation, so all together the posts generated a lot of hits.  Of course there was a spike of interest in Gaza particularly at the end of the year and the beginning of 2009.

So Happy Birthdy to the site!  And many thanks to all of you who have faithfully kept track of this random little blog for the past two years!  I would love to hear any feedback or advice you might have about the future direction of the blog.  Please write a quick note and let me know things you’ve liked reading over the past two years and things you’d like to see more of or less of in the future.


2 Responses

  1. Your blog’s birthday will be within a couple days of our second girl’s. I’m sure she will treasure that connection. 🙂

    I have given some thought too to what sorts of things are worth posting, who is reading, am I writing for them or just alowing them to look in on what I write. Thanks for taking the time to keep us connected on a more meaningful levle. I appreciate your blog a lot.

  2. You already know this, but I’m grateful for this blog and look forward to it’s 3rd birthday. I’m a bit surprised that your post on the Gaza protests didn’t make the top 10 list; that was one of my favorites.

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