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Skype: the Power to Prank 1/2-way Around the World

There’s only 1-hour left on Thursday, Nov 27th here in Jordan, but Thanksgiving is still going strong back home in the States.  (And it will be going strong here tomorrow as we decided to celebrate a day late due to today being a school day for us here in Jordan).  I took a few minutes to phone some dear friends back home.  We used to participate in this really awesome Thanksgiving Dinner stateside.  It was basically tons of volunteers working really hard together to serve hundreds of meals on Thanksgiving. It was always an incredible time and this was the first year in awhile we didn’t participate (for obvious reasons).

So here’s the beginning of the conversation when I called.  A friend answered and for anonymity’s sake, we’ll just call him M.  Actually let’s call him MM.

Me:  Is this the place with the big Thanksgiving Dinner?

MM:  Yes, that’s right this is ______________.

Me:  Great!  Are you still serving dinners?

MM:  Why yes, I think we are,  (off phone to someone: are they still serving in there?)  Yes, we are.

Me:  Great!  I hear that you provide transportation, do you think someone could come pick me up.

MM:  <<slight pause>>, Well I might be able to arrange that.  Where are you calling from?

Me:  Amman, Jordan.

MM:  Where was that sir?

Me: Amman, Jordan.

MM: Uhh, I’m not sure I quite got that, where are you coming from?

Me:  Amman.

MM:  I see, well I’m not sure you’re giving me enough to go on here . . .

I broke down laughing and had pity on my poor friend.  Ahh …. Skype …. the power to prank people 1/2 way around the world!  But even better than that, the power to catch up with people that are important!  I spent another 20 minutes or so chatting with folks as the phone got passed around.  Thanks for being a good sport MM!  And nice work volunteers keeping the T-day tradition alive in the western suburbs of Chicago.  Wish I could have been there in person, but I definitely was in spirit.  If anyone took pictures be sure to pass them along to me.  Thanks!


4 Responses

  1. Yeah as if MM didn’t have enough to deal with that day – but how could I resist?

  2. Poor MM.

  3. That is great, man. Love it! 🙂

  4. That is pretty funny.

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