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Beginfast or Commensfast Anyone?

It’s 4:30 AM or so on a Friday morning during Ramadan.  Here’s what is sounds like outside our apartment. (I just sat outside in our garden with my hand held digital recorder  to make this recording.


That’s what it’s like here everyday at 4:30, but during Ramadan this call to prayer is particularly important as it is around this time that fasting must commence.  I’m not sure if it starts at this call-to-prayer or after. Basically devout Muslims who are fasting will rise very early to eat their last meal and drink their last water before the day’s fast begins.  I mistakenly called this meal “Breakfast” the other day, but a friend corrected me as the meal does not “break” the fast, but begins it.  In Arabic they call the meal “suhuur”  but I think I’ll call it “beginfast” or “commensfast.”  Which do you prefer?

I was wide awake this morning so took a walk up to the top of the hill.  Except for the prayer horns, everything in the street was so still.  But you could see lights turning on in houses and hear morning stirrings through open windows.  Here are a few pics of early Friday morning here in Amman during Ramadan.

3 Responses

  1. Rebecca and Ray – thanks for reading! Although I have to say I have never been to Kansas and I might find it just as strange as Amman (no offense Susan if you are reading this) but probably in very different ways =)

    BTW – enjoy both of your blogs too!

  2. Thanks for posting pics and audio – it helps me get a sense of where you really are! As Rebecca said, “not in Kansas anymore.” FYI – “commensfast” works for me 🙂

  3. Wow! You are not in Kansas anymore! What an incredible experience to witness this. I don’t think I’d appreciate a 4:30 alarm clock every morning, though.

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