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Jordan Headlines #3

Here were the top English language headlines in Jordan from this past weekend (as reported in the Jordan Times):

Top Headline: King urges accelerated work of GAM public transport plan

Basically HM King Abdullah is encouraging the city of Amman to speed up it’s work on a revamp of the cities public transport.  I’m not sure what is covered in their planning, but the three main categories of public transportation in Amman are: taxis, busses, and services.  Busses and services both follow fixed routes but there are no maps or schedules that I have ever found.  Like many things here in Amman you have to ask someone in the know.

Top Sidebar: Ramadan Kareem

Friday’s imsak (time to commence fasting) was 4:35 AM.  Many Muslims wake early to eat the sahur meal before dawn.  The Qur’an says it is permissible to “eat and drink until the white thread becometh distinct to you from the black thread of the dawn” (Al-Baqarah 2:187). Friday’s iftar (time to break the fast) was at 7:01 PM.

Other Headline: Gaza: Hospitals partly paralyzed after strike

The World Health Organization reported that around 1/2 of the doctors and nurses in Gaza walked off the job.  The ongoing political struggle between Fatah and Hamas was at the center of it all.  The strikers were supporters of Fatah, protesting the Hamas’ government’s firing of employees because of their ties to Fatah.  In response Hamas fired 2000 teachers who supposedly support Fatah, disrupting the start of school for many Palestinians.

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