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Pics around the Eiffel Tower

I jumped the Metro near Notre Dame and rode to the Place du Mars stop. The Tower is only a couple of blocks from the station. I had to switch trains at Invalides for some reason, but it just meant standing on the same platform for a couple of minutes until the next train arrived. I arrived at the Tower around 9:25 AM and only had 45 minutes to check out the tower, because I figured I needed to start back to Charles De Gaulle by 10:15 AM at the latest. I wandered around the base, snapping a few pics. The line for the elevator was already quite long. Gaping upward and all around in typical tourist mode, I noticed a very small line at the 1/2 price stairs line, due to open at 9:30. C’est bon! So I put my week of hustling up stairs in Amman to good use and after plunking down €4 made my way up to the Priemier Etage where I enjoyed the view, some espresso, pain au chocolat, and the satisfaction of beating the huge line for the elevators that snaked across the courtyard and into the street. Here are some pics. Enjoy!


3 Responses

  1. Ahh – that would make sense – well the part about the bldg being Les Invalides (not so sure about bowing to Napolean – but I am sure you are right that it would make him happy. From looking at the map that sounds right, but when I was in Paris I wasn’t clear on what Les Invalides was (a street, a park, a neighborhood, a building, etc.)

  2. I think the building you’re wondering about IS Les Invalides, for which the Metro stop is named. I’m not positive. I also think it’s where Napoleon’s tomb is. Which, I was told, is placed on a lower floor than the one on which you stand to look at it, so you have to lean over a little, which means that everyone who comes to see Napoleon bows to him… Not sure whose idea that was, but I’m sure it made him happy to think about. (Also still not totally positive about any of these facts, since we didn’t go there when I was in Paris.)

  3. Thanks for the pics and video of France. Did I tell you I learned last summer I am part French? Oui Oui

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