More Prayer Needed

Thanks to those who have been praying re. our apartment decision.  We have decided to wait to make a decision after I am back home.  This way we can talk face-to-face, pray together, and I can show my wife some longer and higher quality video of each place.  Both of the current tenants are fine with this and the money situation (for securing the apt) is not as dire as I first thought.

On another prayer note:

I found out we may have some trouble with our son’s schooling in the fall.  Basically we kept him in pre-school in the states this past year because his birthday falls after school starts.  So he would’ve been a very young 5-year-old going into kindergarten.  We thought it would be better fro him being a very young 6-year-old.  Well – apparently here in Jordan they view starting ages much differently.  Apparently they just look at calendar year of birth and not month.  So as 6-year-old this year he is not eligible for kindergarten, just 1st grade.  To go to 1st grade at a local school near where we will be studying we would have to have a residency visa, which we will not have this year.  (residency is not required for Kindergarten enrollment).  Out only options for 1st grade without residency would be expensive schools on the other side of town.

We did know about this ahead of time, but were told by the school director that it would be ok.  Well today, when I turned in papers and a deposit I was told differently.  Calls were made, and apparently we are waiting for permission from the ministry of education to enroll him in kindergarten.  This is very frustrating.  Please pray that everything works out for the best.

Gotta run – will try to post one more time from Jordan, and perhaps once from Paris.  My flight leaves at 1:45 AM Tuesday morning local time.


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