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Sunset over Amman

After checking out the Abu Darwish Mosque (from the outside at least – I don’t think they let visitors in like they do at the King Abdullah 1 (Blue) mosque on the other side of town). I meandered my way down the hillside into the ballad. Meandered is the operative word. Think of Amman like Rome meets San Francisco. It’s built up over 19 hillsides. Each hillside is it’s own little neighborhood, and the valley that snakes its way around them is the ballad or downtown (or old city) area with shops and some public buildings and some tourist attractions like the Roman Amphitheater. These shots are looking towards the west and Jebel Amman, where I am staying – as well as some other sections of town.

Take note of the flagpole. It is the world’s largest freestanding flagpole. (Although I’m finding info that there is another Jordanian one in Aqaba that is a couple of feet taller – no matter it’s very impressive). Also see if you can find the huge blue domed mosque to the right hand side of some of the pics. I’ll post some close up pics in a day or two (when I get over there) and you’ll see just what kind of distance we are talking about. There was also this rusted out old miniature ferris wheel, like a kiddie ride at the fair, sitting next to the trash dumpsters. I tried to shoot the sun setting on the one of the big hotels over in Jebel Amman through the spokes of the ferris wheel. Enjoy!


2 Responses

  1. Yeah – not sleeping was not in the original plan – but I was really frustrated by slow upload speeds and found this late night gold mine. Hopefully once I move here connection speed from our apartment won’t be too much of a prob. Of course I probably won’t be updating every day like this either. Good to hear from you – thanks for writing!

  2. With all the stuff you’re doing, I’m not sure why you have a hotel–it seems you hardly have time to sleep! Great pics & even greater to hear about how things are going over there!!

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