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Down Into the Ballad and Back up

After the shebab and the kites, I got a little lost. But not really. I didn’t have a map and didn’t know exactly where I was, but knew the direction I needed to head – down and west, and preferably a little south. Because Amman is so hilly the roads wind around. There are lots of pedestrian alleys and stairs that help save time from following the roads exactly. But these end up in strange places sometimes. The first few photos are in these twisty alleys.

Then I broke out over an open space where some other shebab were playing soccer in the street. I picked my way crefully down the very steep street and sand lot. As I got closer to the ballad I found the guy making bread. Two huge flatbreads for .200 JD – not bad! Once in the ballad, I kind of snaked my way up towards “Mango” Street. That’s not its official name but, thats what it’s known on the street. On the way up I saw a wedding procession – very popular on Thursday nights (like our Fridays). I also stopped to snag a picture of The King Hussein Mosque with its double minarets and green lights. Finally on Mango Street I found an place to snap a pic looking back at Jebel Ashrafiyeh and down into the busy ballad. I eventually made it back to my hotel. What I love about Amman is that I can walk all over like this and never be worried about safety. It’s not that crime doesn’t happen – but violent crime is extremely rare. I would never advise a woman to make this walk alone. But it’s interesting – this part of the world that gets a bad rap for eing so violent, is actually quite peaceful on a night like tonight. There might be something to the traditional muslim greeting, “peace be with you.” Maybe, it’s hard to say that and hear that all day without actually believing it. Enjoy the pics. I’m off for some shut-eye.

Here’s the wedding procession – oh the guy in the silver car in the pics above was in the line of cars and wanted me to take his picture.


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