Day 3 in Jordan

I can’t believe this was only Day 3 in Jordan. It seems like so much has happened. This was today's schedule:

  • Slept in due to late night putting pics and vids of apt. options up on facebook and dropshots for Victoria’s consideration
  • 8:00: Breakfast at the hotel. I’ll have to write about the hotel breakfast before I leave – not bad, just different.
  • Quick checking of e-mail at Internet Cafe
  • Meeting with Director of Noah’s Kindergarten. I have some forms to fill out and will have to leave a deposit to secure a spot for him. There will be aprox 20 kids in his class with 2 teachers – one Arabic speaking, one English speaking. IT’s right across the street from Sadie’s daycare which is nice.
  • A foray into the wealthy western-leaning section of town.  On the way there we passed a Burger King, Fuddruckers, Applebee’s, and KFC. I ended up at the newest of Amman’s 3 malls. My objective? To check out Carrefour, the french megastore a la Super Walmart. Kind of. It has groceries. It has lots of other stuff, from shampoo to electronics to washers and dryers to strollers. Prices are ok on some things, expensive on others. A mix of familiar and unfamiliar items.
  • Back to my hotel for a few minutes and then to the other (poorer) side of town for a meeting of ex-pats. Very interesting bunch.
  • After the meeting wrapped up I spent a few hours just rambling around Amman. I had no map and limited objectives: go see the Abu Darwish mosque at the top of Jebel Ashrafiyeh, get something to eat, find a particular cafe on Jebel Amman, and return to my hotel. I am proud to say I made it!
  • Supper at my hotel room (from items purchased along the way)
  • Laundry in the sink
  • Over here for the “Midnight Express” my affectionate expression for these late night photo and video upload sessions on faster connections.

Anyways, I’m posting some galleries of vids and pics from my days experiences. Hope you enjoy.


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