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1:48 AM in the Internet Cafe

It’s almost 2 AM. I found an Internet Cafe down the street from my hotel that has a high speed connection suitable for uploading pics and vids – after midnight!

The proprietor told me, “We have special deal – 2 JD from Midnight until 8 AM. You like?”

I replied, “Ai’wa, shukran. But I hope I do not have to stay until 8 AM.”

He laughed.

Today was a full day of apartment hunting. I met an ex-pat friend of mine who has lived here in Amman for 4 or 5 years. She showed me some apartments in her building, took me to see a couple of playgrounds (for Noah’s sake), introduced me to a number of people, and took me out to lunch at the Bakehouse, where they actually had very decent American pancakes. Yes, I paid after she took me all around Amman this morning. (And Victoria – tell Noah there are good pancakes in Jordan – within walking distance of our new schools too).

In the afternoon I visited with the director of the Arabic lang program where we will be studying and he connected me with some more apt leads. Then it was off to the “Little Stars Nursery” to explore day care options for Sadie. The good news is that Little Stars is just across the street from where Noah might go to kindergarten (KG-2 as they call it) and a few blocks from our Arabic lang school.

Then it was off to the Good Book Shop to drop in on my friend Issam. They have a wonderful shop. Will post pics another time. Then I went back to the hotel for a quick rest before hitting the internet cafe to update the blog. Then it was a cab ride across town to see another apt. By the time I was done there (I had to sit and enjoy some arab hospitality in the form of apple juice and wait for a friend to arrive to bail me out with some translation) it was well after dark. As the call to prayer sounded I wondered dwon the stairs and alleys to the bottowm of the hill where I caught a cab to Hashems restaurant, where I feasted on Falafil, hummus, khubez (the world’s best pita) and shay (tea – usually sweet with mint – as in leaves, not just some manufacturer’s mint flavoring).

I finished off the evening with a walk back up another hill to my hotel, where I read for a little and tried to nap before coming out to this Internet Cafe for the Midnight to Eight shift. It’s now officially 2 AM and I am wondering if I will make it to 8 AM after all. Hope not.

Off to uploads vids of apartment possibilities for Victoria to look at. If you are on facebook you can check them out too.

More photos here tomorrow.

Or is that today?

(PS – vids still loading slowly – way too slowly for 2:30 AM – might not get many up tonight)


3 Responses

  1. Good point about sadie, mel. I hadn’t thought about that. Larry – Victoria and I will both be in Arabic Language school full time for the next 2 years. After that – we shall see. Victoria does have a Masters and 7 years experience in Special Ed. But making sure the little ones are looked after will be the #1 priority. Once they are both in school – who knows?

  2. Just curious…what does Victoria do now and what will she be doing “over there”? You mention daycare, so I’m assuming this is because she is not a stay-at-home-mom? Just curious as to what jobs are available for women in that area…

  3. I enjoyed seeing the pictures of the apartments and look forward to hearing more about the process and Noah’s school. You are definitely gifted at making connections and forming relationships with local people. That sort of thing does not come easily to eeryone and I like reading about how you are using your gifts. Thanks for posting all of this! As far as the comment about the water cooler on the counter in the garden apartment being “interesting”, I say “great idea!” Sadie will have water all over the floor in record time if it is in reach!!

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