Getting Lost in Dubai

Hitching a ride to the mall on the church bus (but getting dropped off on a busy highway) – Free

Skiing indoors at a cool -3 degrees C in the middle of the desert – 180 dirhams

Turkish “Chicken Doner” sandwich, fries, and coke for lunch – 12 dirhams

Taxi ride to the gold souq on the other side of town – 44 dirhams

Tip for Musillah the cabbie because he was interesting and showed me pics of his 6 kids back home – 11 dirhams

Getting taken advantage of even after haggling for a pair of gold ear-rings for that special someone – I can’t really say just in case she reads my blog

Mountain Dew and a cigarette from my new-found Pakistani friends in a nearby park – Free (I didn’t ask for either item – I’ll let you guess if I honored their hospitality)

Three busses and 2.5 hours of trying to save money on cab fare – 4.5 dirhams

Zaatar, Grape Leaves, some fruit and water from the supermarket b/c I missed supper – 9 dirhams

Getting lost in Dubai for the day – PRICELESS

Hey folks – all is ok – lots of interesting stuff to blog about and it’s only been 2 days – unfortunately due to the computer situation at the place I am staying right now I cannot post any pics or vids. Will write again when I can post them! In case you wanted to know – divide the dirhams by 3.6 to get the US dollar amount. (Without the luxuries of skiing and a present for my wife it was an 80 dirham or $22 day. Not bad) I especially like paying 10x less to ride the bus instead of a cab, even though it took me awhile to figure out.


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  1. Hey folks – I have a few drafts of other posts written – am only waiting to find a computer where I can upload pictures. Should be in the next day or so.

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