Leaving the Country (temporarily) – Your Help Needed!

Those of you who know me well, or have recieved any sort of communication from me recently, probably know that I am spending the next two weeks in the Middle East. I leave on Wednesday and fly to Dubai where I will spend 5 days doing some work-related stuff and catching up with some friends who live there.

Then I’ll fly to Amman and spend a week in the Jordanian capital. Again, a mix of work and pleasure – but my main objective is to actually find an apartment or at least a decent landlord (in anticipation of our big move later this summer).

So what kind of help do I need from you? Well, of course I am hoping to do some blogging from the Middle East complete with first hand pictures and maybe even video. So, on a general level what would you like to hear about or see posted here directly from the Middle East? I am also toying with the idea of doing some “Man-on-the-street” interviews. Not sure if it’s going to fly or not – but – if you could ask a question to an average person living in UAE or Jordan what would it be?

Submit your questions by replying here and I will see what I can do in terms of interviews. Like I said, I’m not sure that project will fly or not – but look back here over the next couple of weeks for some pics and updates from the other side of the world!


5 Responses

  1. I’m also interested in how the relationships between the various streams of Christianity are going these days–evangelical, Catholic, and Orthodox. And how’s the enrollment at the Jordan Seminary?

  2. Thanks for the ideas so far! Keep ’em coming! Mary, I’m actually leaving today (Apr 9th). So haven’t found an apartment yet.

  3. Would be curious as the common person’s feelings about the war in Iraq and what they would like to ssee happen there. I realize you’re probably back already. Did you find an apt.?

  4. Will miss seeing you for a few weeks. It would be interesting to know…”if there was one thing people would like Americans to know about them, what would it be?”

  5. I’m glad you’re doing this. Just having a real-time perspective will be great. I would love to know how aware people are about the upcoming U.S. election. Is there a particular candidate that folks would like to see elected? Why?

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