i’m just circling around the points i want to make, around, and around, and around, and around.  maybe that’s the problem “the points i want to make.”  yeah, that’s part of it.  what’s the other part?  dunno.  i’m nowhere near where i ought to be at midnight thursday into friday – but it’s been an uber busy week.  i took extra time off monday because i needed to be with my family (i needed to be with them, not just that they needed me, but i needed to be with them – get what i mean?), wednesday calling a list of people and facilitating a trip to the mosque and getting ready for a memorial service on thursday morning.  i still didn’t feel recovered from sunday when thursday afternoon rolled around. 

circling around, and around, and around. . .

it’s way past time to go home.  God – could you please salvage this mess? 

(the question remains – is the mess what i’m attempting to write, or is the mess mostly me?)

good night.


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  1. good morning. what seems like a mess now may still feel like a mess on sunday morning… but will be come across clearly to those of us on the recieving end. funny how that works.

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