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New blog and comments

ok, call me crazy . . . .

 [pause to listen for the name-calling]

 i’m starting a third blog.  this one is fairly focused though.  it’s a companion to my current sermon series on our monotheistic cousins that seem to make it into the news so much.  yesterday was the first installment, and, although controversial for sure, i think it went ok.  one person afterwards said, “brian, you took us places many of us probably weren’t ready to go.  i’m still chewing on it, but am glad you said it.”  i think that was a positive response.

 anyways, if you want access to the new blog just leave me a comment hear.  due to the sensitive nature of the topic it will be password protected so i have to give you a username and password, which i will do via e-mail.

 btw, thanks for those who’ve commented here, i appreciate the thoughts and will try to be better about replying myself.  also as an fyi, i have a security feature turned on that your first ever post (under a certain e-mail address) is held for moderation – so if you repl and it does not appear it’s because i’m a slacker and have not moderated your comment.  which basically means i’m checking for spam, and making sure your not a loon.  or at least not a loon i don’t know.  subsequently any replies with the same e-mail address should automatically appear – as if you were pre-approved for an unwanted credit card offer.

happy 5th monday in april!


5 Responses

  1. send it on dudely!

  2. defragmybrain . . . i think my brain could use a good defrag from time-to-time =) great screen-name! thanks for stopping by. checked out your site – great artwork. stop in again sometime.

  3. just wanted to say hello; a fellow blogger from wordpress.
    nice to see some people actually writing around here.

  4. moi aussi

  5. hook me up with the islam blog amigo. please.

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