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birth . . .

miraculous!  birth is miraculous!  some may find this statement trite, if so they most likely do not have children of their own.  i’m not just talking about the moment of birth (which seems a little more scary to me than purely miraculous), but the whole process of a new human being coming into existense in the world.  it seems that it is one crystal clear time (or moments of time) where the will of man (and woman) is infused  with the work of God.

think about it – from the act of conception, which  may or may not have been focused on the act of making a person, to the months of gestation, to coming into the world, the process is so fraught with difficulty and improbability. there are so many chances for it all not to work, for a little baby not to be produced.  i know personally as we have experienced two miscarriages.  but when it does all work – it is nothing short of awe-inspiring. 

our little girl was born just  over a week ago and when i look into her tiny eyes, or hold her tiny hand, i can’t help but see the fingerprints of God all over her.  sure . . . her mother and i put the process in motion but she is definitely God’s handiwork. 

sometimes i can’t really believe that  God let’s us do this actually .  .  .  participate in making  another human  life.  it’s like the master painter – renoir  or monet – handing you the brush and saying, “go ahead – take a stab at  it!”  i mean really can you imagine taking the  brush in hand a starting impressionist’s great masterpiece?   Or, better yet, it’s like you or i were to start with a paint-by-numbers kit or finger paints and we hand over our attempt to monet and say, “here, this is what i started, why don’t you see if you could finish it up?” 

absolutely miraculous.


3 Responses

  1. I don’t know if you are aware but there was a tradition in European art schools where the master artist would sketch out the basic painting on the canvas and then set up the equivalent of a “paint by numbers” for his apprentices in the school. Just a tidbit stuck in my mind from art 101.

  2. Congratulations Brian. We are really excited for you guys.

  3. well said… and as one who has seen the new baby, “miraculous” is the right word!

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