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spring, son, and bike

in this part of the country things have warmed up considerably in the past few days.  so much that my son and i spent some time riding bike.  well . . . namely his bike.  and i walked.  he’s four so you get the picture.  he was barreling around on training wheels and i was tagging along.  we really love to do this together.  he’s got a cool bike.  it’s a harley.  i know, i know . . . you’re thinking he’s probably too young for a harley.  but it’s yellow with red flames and he does wear a helmet so it’s  ok.  every guy should ride a harley once in their life.  something he’s checked off the man-list before me.

i was thinking as i walked along with him over the last couple of days that maybe God’s relationship with me is a lot like me taking my son out for his daily bike ride.  you know i started thinking a lot more about how God relates to me, to all of us maybe, once my son was born.  this is an aside, by the way.  it’s like i didn’t really have a good idea of how God loved me as a father until my son was born.  i still don’t have it all figured out.  but maybe i know a little bit more.  if the love i have for N is even a fraction of how God loves me – well then that’s something to think about for a long time.

but i digress . . .

the first thing i noticed was my sense of pride watching N stomp away at the pedals.   sometimes with abandon,sometimes with more caution – but with 4-year old curiosity and pleasure.  it makes me feel good, standing back and watching.  he’s come a long way since his mother and i gave him the bike.  to see him take this thing we’ve given him and the simple lessons we’ve shown him and move out on his own is so incredible.  i let him go ahead of me and he even stops at major driveways, or a parking lot access and look both ways.  cautioning me to do the same as if i didn’t know.  i don’t care that he’s telling me what to do, because he’s right and it’s something i’ve taught him.

i begin to wonder is this like God?  has he given gifts (talents, resources, abilities, etc.) told mea little bit how to use them, and now revelling in watching me move forward.  even thought i’m on training wheels and i haven’t mastered the technique, is he looking at me with pride in the effort i am making.  does he chuckle when i  tell him to do something he already knows  – does he think, “he’s starting to get it, i really think he’s starting to get it!”

 more on this later . . .


One Response

  1. Resonation:
    The more I live the more I see God’s relationship desires echoed through my close relationships.

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